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Pfizer Vaccine Docs Released

This information was not supposed to be available until 2085. There are 9 pages of severe and horrific reactions including death.

Complete document here:

"If there is risk, there must be choice. This is the fundamental bedrock truth of modern bioethics."

Improve Circulation
People are taking Vit D, zinc, etc for immune system which does nothing for the blood flow ...and it's all about the blood flow.

Clinical Strategies:
➤ thin blood
➤ remove obstructions within vessels
➤ support related organs (heart, liver)
➤ strengthen capillary integrity
➤ protect endothelial lining (of vessels)
➤ peripheral exchange (nutrient uptake/waste removal mechanisms)
➤ consideration of vasodilation/vasoconstriction
➤ detoxification of blood

This month marks my ninth year in Krav Maga. After weeks of evaluation (with no belt allowed), the head instructor at my new school informed me that my black belt would be acknowledged at his school. This is a high honor and a challenge of worthiness I intend to uphold.

Post Blood Damage (expanding the picture)
[microvascular coagulopathies and endothelial vessel damage]
Signs & Symptoms:
➤ loss of taste and smell (covered in last video)
➤ shortness of breath
➤ worse with exertion
➤ anxious feeling
➤ rapid heart rate
➤ heart palpitations
➤ chest pain
➤ hair loss
➤ blurry vision
➤ erectile quality issues
➤ elevated blood pressure
➤ ringing in the ears
➤ foggy thinking/memory issues
➤ fatigue

Has anyone else noticed that conventional care doctors don't know how to improve the body, can't answer any questions regarding causative factors, and end up making their patients sicker and drug dependent?

"The primary purpose of a drug company is to make money for their investors." - John Abramson, physician and author of Overdosed America

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