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This is how our 90 lb puppy wakes us up (my wife is under there somewhere).

"We do not believe government, at any level, should unnecessarily interfere with health, safety and operational decisions of private businesses." fights back the tyranny. is fought by grass roots movements in local districts.

Update: we are in escrow but found some issues in the inspection phase (not uncommon in the older neighborhoods). Now we assess cost and negotiate with seller. We ditched the land build idea and the properties further away for a neighborhood within walking distance to a 60 acre park, around the corner from our coffee shop, and only 3-4 minutes from downtown and the high school.
(photo of local hiking trail)

There is a mountain of unaddressed concerns regarding the jab. Take notes. Ask questions. That's what is about. Anyone telling you to toss reason in exchange for belief is selling you something.

Happy Sunday from . just turned 7 months old and is almost 90 pounds.

"Lawfare" is a term being used to describe warfare fought with the battleground being in the courtroom.

10. The ultimate goal of WWIII is a complete shift in global economics, genocide, and total control of the remaining population.
11. Mainstream media and politicians, which are under control of the global mafia, are losing control of their false narratives.
12. The people must unite. It is our spiritual truth that will win this war.

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7. Masks, distancing, and shutdowns are being used as psychological tactics to drive fear, division, and confusion in order to manipulate the people into compliance.
8. The vaccinations are, in fact, experimental gene therapies.
9. Effective treatments for CV that are being suppressed by the medical establishment while mass lethal reactions to the vaccines are being hidden.

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4. Bill Gates, along with the Chinese Communist Party, have perpetuated a global fraud through phony tests to manifest a fake public health emergency.
5. The global alliance of the pharmaceutical and tech industries are coordinating to achieve a stated goal of mass vaccination.
6. The fraudulent state of emergency has allowed for untested drugs to be used on humans including children.

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Reiner Füllmich (international lawyer)
1. The power of humanity itself is greater than those fabricating the war against it.
2. The dangers of CV are far less dangerous than the deadly and destructive anti-cv measures being enforced by governments which are consistent with a World War III.
3. WHO finally conceded that CV is no more dangerous than the flu.

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