Taking away freedom for social injustice is a really bad sales pitch for tyranny, which causes social injustice.

Tonight's photography adventure. It was chilly the last few days but will be in the 80's the rest of the week.

@zlax @alexl yes, you're spot on and I'm seeing this too. The answer, ultimately, is to allow each user to host their own instance more easily.

@zlax yes, I've noticed. I've been blocked already by a number of large instances for questing the narratives.

@a7 very possible and just for his entertainment without any larger purpose.

Elon Musk

Happy Tuesday! Cassone Wellness in Murrieta is booming, I'm booked with TeleMed patients, and every morning our team reviews those we serve locally and nationally. The turkey in our backyard says hello.

Town Square was surrounded by food trucks, live music, and people celebrating First Friday.

@Java I could only eat half! It came with veggies too all for $17.

It's Pork Chop Friday at Perry's. This 3 inch thick chop is unreal!

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