"Trust the science," is the most unscientific statement ever made especially when billions are being made and freedom of choice is being taken.

The reporting system for adverse reactions is outrageously, and suspiciously, dysfunctional.

Our new home in the countryside (and my office) for the next 10 days.

Backyard for one of the properties we looked at (there's a creek behind that shooting range).
Options (no particular order):
1. Buy land, put in utilities, build home over the next year (5 acres close to town costs $50-60k).
2. Buy home with 5+ acres further outside of town (photo is example - land was gorgeous but house was terrible).
3. Buy home in town, close to everything, with .6-1.5 acres (residential areas are full of trees and parks, no fences, and not close to each other).

Dom showing off his giant puppy at the local farmer's market.

Newsom Mandates Jab for kids 5 and Up!
This is unconstitutional, unscientific, unethical, and tyrannical. Normal is not in his timeline.

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