Elon Musk

Option 3: he’s just some guy with a lot of money who made an investment

@a7 very possible and just for his entertainment without any larger purpose.

@dr just because he owns a lot of shares doesnt mean he has a lot of say over the company, even if he did want to affect policy it would only be achievable through slow secondary processes he wont be able to just go into twitter and start firing janitors and telling management how to do their job, he will just be able to have a weighty vote on members of the board of directors and what those directors do with that gained position is again secondary effects, they can make some suggestions but its not going to magically change the culture of the company.

IMO good guy right now, but stay alert - nobody's really looking after you except you.

@dr Whichever he is, watching people melt down about it has been quite amusing!

Untersturmführer SS and “the Father of US Space Flight”, baron Wernher Magnus Maximilian Freiherr von Braun in his book "Project Mars" (1953cc) wrote that the leader of Mars was called - "Elon".
Interestingly, this quote was not found in all of the English-language editions of the book. Therefore, meticulous admirers of Elon Musk found the German original to verify this statement.

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