This is the usual public relations. Censorship flourishes even more exuberantly in the fediverse than in the centralized networks. Server-level blocking, message deletion, etc.  Centralized networks have a censorship protocol, you can assume what will be censored. In the fediverse there is no such fixed protocol, the administrators often block another servers for ideological reasons. Fediverse is a common trade of the idea of free speech for tax-free donations.

@zlax yes, I've noticed. I've been blocked already by a number of large instances for questing the narratives.


I've been on the Fediverse since before the arrival of Mastodon, which brought the mass into the Fediverse. The problem, however, is that it has decentralized censorship, putting the means of moderation in the hands of individual instances, often administered in an extremely ideological way. The Fediverse today is extremely fragmented, with regions not communicating at all because we are full of instances blocking others. Echo chambers to the nth degree.

@馃嚠馃嚬 Alex L, i call it 'zuckerbergerism': for many socially frustrated people, censorship in the fediverse gives them a sense of their social usefulness. It makes them feel important.

@zlax @alexl yes, you're spot on and I'm seeing this too. The answer, ultimately, is to allow each user to host their own instance more easily.

@dr @zlax

But people are fooled into registering in an instance without knowing what moderation really is and probably will never notice they are in the echo chamber of some admins.

I reply to some users and they will never see my messages and I have no way to know if this is the case or they see them and choose not to reply. This can be really confusing for new users, most admins know it but their ideologies justify it.

It is more than dysfunctional, this is a fraud.

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