Improve Circulation
People are taking Vit D, zinc, etc for immune system which does nothing for the blood flow ...and it's all about the blood flow.

Clinical Strategies:
➤ thin blood
➤ remove obstructions within vessels
➤ support related organs (heart, liver)
➤ strengthen capillary integrity
➤ protect endothelial lining (of vessels)
➤ peripheral exchange (nutrient uptake/waste removal mechanisms)
➤ consideration of vasodilation/vasoconstriction
➤ detoxification of blood

Actually it does, because zinc and D3 inhibits the production of virus, virus creates spike protein, spike protein causes cilia in epithelial cells to tangle and form clots, clots fuck blood flow, so yes, Zinc and D3 are helpful.

@nanook @dr

Plus I thought the loss of smell was a symptom of the body using up zinc to fight the virus. I would rather have a little extra zinc to do that.

But then I'm already taking baby aspirin each day to thin the blood due to borderline high blood pressure. Diet and other actions helped remove some obstructions in the vessels about 10 years ago as well.

There seems to be lots of things we can do to fight the effects of COVID.

@mhjohnson @dr Loss of smell is rare with Omicron and only 1-in-4 get a significant fever.

@nanook I'm a big fan of your content. I was Jubal Hershaw for a little on D* before I abandoned it entirely. I do advise zinc and d and you're right that immune function is important, of course. I have the benefit of treating hundreds of covid patients. I get to see first hand what's working or not. The loss of taste and smell is still showing up quit a bit (about 40%). Far less lung issues/cough, more sore throat and body aches, about 20% with diarrhea. Ultimately, it's mild.


@dr @mhjohnson I've run into some people with instead of loss of taste or smell, they report things smelling like "sewage". Sounds pleasant.
With Omicron, the ability to entangle cilia disappeared. So it no longer is anywhere near as deadly. For the most part it does not go deep into the lungs like previous variants but stays in the upper respiratory tract where it is only an annoyance.
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