Mass Formation Psychosis
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Another good example of totalitarian manipulative technique is appeal to popularity of pied piper (AKA color revolution false flag)--usually charismatic leader, psychopath or sociopath whose role is to hold the main narrative.
This technique mainly works on those people who have short memory or who were collaborators or woke up late.
Pied piper usurpes relabeled work of others and gets seemingly negative media attention.

People hypnotized by pied piper never look what "savior" did before.

@akeno good comment and we definitely need to be cautious who we trust. He took the jab, got very sick, and started to do more digging. I think he has been awakening and his thought process has changed immensely over the last few months. We will have to see in time who's legit.

@dr @akeno I agree with Dr Cassone that Dr Malone is simply just waking up as everything unfolds like a lot of us. And btw he didn't come up with the mass formation framework, it comes from Mattias Desmet, Ghent University, who Malone gives credit.

@Finnell @dr Maybe but, that's not what I am talking about. There is plenty of people to hear who talked about scamdemic and explained what hysteria is from day one but didn't fall for it like him yet those remain actively ignored by MSM. Some people are more equal? He was silent then. He failed as Dr. and human.

What he proposed is immoral, authoritarian, unscientific, doing harm and not to mention is against Nuremberg code. "Unfolding" is not excuse to comply on crimes against humanity.

@Finnell @dr
Look at this.

He is frontman of next false alarm.
Where does he has this from if not from lined up script?

There is no "virus" to begin with.
"Sars2" was never isolated yet he want's to test for flying unicorns? He doesn't know?
He was notified of it. This is not scientist but antichrist.

Whatever is in jab stays in jabbed and they will die out massively. This is coverup. Stop believing start researching.

@akeno @dr he's speaking out against the jab .. I don't know how you're making some extra leaps that he's part of the bigger conspiracy. We don't know for sure what's going on. But I have a hard time believing someone so out spoken on ending vaccine mandates and especially the harms to children is a part of the evil empire.

@Finnell @dr You don't seem to understand how controlled opposition works.

He is copying exact talking points by GAVI I linked, scaring people again about another "virus" that does not exist. This is a science? so no leap.

Looks like you don't know what's going on. I and many others know it for 2 years or longer.

People believed this is for 2 weeks to flatten the curve.

Believe in Jesus, not person who is cashing money on his genocidal patent. That's called objective conflict of interest.

@akeno @dr I understand controlled opposition. I'm not ruling it out, I just think it's unlikely with Malone. But anything is possible. You're too sure of yourself. We've been tracking all of this the entire pandemic.

@Finnell @akeno let's avoid division as we stand together against evil. There is in fact a phenomenon called covid with a particular presentation that clinically fits a viral infection with very unusual damage to the vascular system (we've treated hundreds of such cases). Accurate testing, and keeping track of such tests (aka surveillance), was appropriate. However, the tests were bogus and surveillance has been diabolically misused while death rates were, in fact, low.

@dr @Finnell
It's important we identify evil correctly.

"COVID" is (well paid) misdiagnosis because the "virus" was never proven to exist nor be pathogenic so can not result in any disease. Additionally there are no novel symptoms so no way to distinguish whatever from other diseases.

Did you notice these cases with unusual damage to the vascular system prior to experimental euthanasia gene therapy rollout before 2021?

If so were these cases never seen before 2020?

@akeno @Finnell seen it. Not new info. Seems like you're attempting to school us about everything you assume we know just because we like Malone more than you. I'm losing interest in this thread.


Most interesting people subjected themselves to these behaviors as others abided to isolate for only two weeks. Add all the other bs conditions that they subjected themselves to so they can prove they were better human beings...πŸ™„

@Bleukitty we've all been most shocked at just how easy it has been to fool the masses.


I'll admit, I am not shocked they did so. Disappointed so many still are.

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