How many deaths have you heard of that occurred outside of a hospital?

Aside there is no "covid" since "virus" was never isolated and proven to exist, 0 it's a circus for sure and we've being lied to nonstop. However, there is an epidemiological pheonomenon with a presentation consistent with a viral infection that has a peculiar effect on the cardiovascular system. I've treated hundreds of these patients, many of which were in severe states unable to breath. It's not the mass killer MSN has portraying it to be and it's highly treatable.

@dr of the vaccinated? Soccer fields galore. In all fairness, people don't stay home when they can't breathe. Nor will a doctor prescribe oxygen at home without being seen.

@Sui_Juris that's a good point (also regarding the jabbed) but add homeless populations, those with no hospital access, drug addicted and disabled people, or those who refuse to go to a hospital (even if life threatening) and we still don't see the pandemic the way it has been described.

None,i have heard of several vaccine injury deaths,however
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