Happy New year, Dr. beautiful photo! 💕 Raining here in our part of NC, no snow this time.


I am in Forest Hills. Columbia is lovely. We moved here two years ago as refugees from California. Are you an MD?

@VillaCupa that's not far! We are also refugees from the sinking ship state. We love it here. I'm not an MD. I have two doctorates; PhD (Clinical Nutrition) and DAOM (East Asian Medicine). I see patients through TeleMed while working with the team to manage the practice back in Temecula, Ca.

@dr Accuweather predicted one to three inches here in Knoxville #Tennessee. Looks closer to one to me. And it didn’t stick on the road. 34F is a big change from seventy high over the weekend.

@billstclair temps are supposed to be single digits by tomorrow night!

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